Follow the light - A day tour along the lighthouses on the island

Lighthouses. Constructions made by man to warn ships of danger from land, rocks or shallow water. Fuerteventura has six lighthouses that are intended to direct ships in dark hours. For those who have a rental car it is definitely worth visiting some of the lighthouses. In this blog we tell where you can find them and how you can combine this with a nice day tour.

Near Las Playitas you will find the most impressive lighthouse on the island with a great view of the ocean!

In the north of Fuerteventura are two lighthouses. Faro de Punta Martiño is located on the small uninhabited island of Los Lobos. A relatively small lighthouse on the north side that is mainly intended for ships in the shipping channel between Los Lobos and Lanzarote. If you book a boat excursion to Lobos you can, in addition to snorkeling and chilling at Playa de la Caleta, also take the walk to the lighthouse. In El Cotillo you will find the other lighthouse on the north side. Faro del Tostón looks traditional, red and white striped, but uses modern solar energy technology.

Faro de Punta Gavioto is located in the capital, adjacent to an industrial area. This lighthouse helps ships entering the port of Puerto del Rosario. It is mainly a practical lighthouse and not open to the public. Further south near Las Playitas you will find the most impressive lighthouse on the island. After a long car ride, with an exciting climb at the end, you will arrive at Faro de La Entallada. The building with dotted walls is particularly beautiful and has an ornate lighthouse. Moreover, you will also be rewarded with a great view of the ocean.

On the southern peninsula you will find the other two lighthouses. Morro Jable has a 60 meter high lighthouse built in 1991. This modern tower is accessible on foot from the road and is located on Playa del Matorral beach. It is less easy to reach Faro de Punta Jandía. After a mile-long dirt road you will reach the lighthouse at the southernmost tip of the island. Due to its special location it is worth the long way and you can also learn more about sea life in the building, which is a museum.

A day trip along the lighthouses

The advice is to drive this route in the summer months because it will remain light for a long time. Furthermore, the route leads on unpaved roads, these are reasonably accessible, but the insurance does not always cover any damage you make to your rental car.

Lighthouse day trip- Fuerteventura

Start your day early and get in the car well prepared. In Corralejo you drive to the harbor and on the Paseo Maritimo Bristol you find a place on the terrace at La Ola. This bakery with German roots serves a delicious breakfast while overlooking Los Lobos. Unfortunately you cannot see the lighthouse "Punta Martiño" from here, but if you want to go there, boat trips to Lobos leave from the port every day. We skip this lighthouse, because after you have finished the freshly squeezed juice, you get in the car towards El Cotillo.

Faro del Tostón in El Cotillo

A few hundred meters away, diagonally opposite the Eurospar on Calle Bajo del Mejillon, the dirt road across the north coast begins. In the beginning the bumps and stones on the road are exciting but you get used to it quickly. After you have passed the water company, you will pass places like Popcorn Beach and Bone Yard point before arriving at a fishing village called Majanicho. This improvised fortress looks spooky and makes you think about minimalist coastal living. You continue your way on the rugged north coast that takes you along bays, beautiful beaches and high waves. With a bit of luck you will see a group of surfers showing their skills at surf spots with cool names like "Suicides" and "The Bubble". After an hour's drive you will arrive at the first lighthouse of the day: Faro del Tostón! The building at the lighthouse is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:15 am and after such a trip you do deserve a nice cup of coffee or tea. Outside on the terrace behind wind protective glass you can enjoy your drink, the surroundings and of course the lighthouse.

Faro de la Entallada - Fuerteventura

Faro de La Entallada in Las Playitas

After this break you start the route through the inland of Fuerteventura. From El Cotillo drive towards Lajares and take the exit to La Oliva. Upon arrival at this place, which is the capital of the region, take the exit to Tindaya. This place is named after Mount Tindaya, which in ancient times was seen as a sacred mountain. From the road you can see the mountain well and the hiker can also climb this mountain on foot. After a few miles, take the exit to the right towards Tefia. You keep following the road and via La Ampuyenta you keep your course towards Antigua. Just before reaching Antigua, stop at Museo del Queso Majorero, aka the cheese museum. It's a good time to stretch your legs and take a short walk in the garden of the museum. Majorero cheese is the national pride and in this museum you will learn how goat cheese is made.

After the intermezzo you get back in the car and go via Antigua to Tuineje after which you follow the signs Gran Tarajal. Just before Gran Tarajal take the exit to Las Playitas and upon arrival you will already see a sign pointing to the lighthouse. From this point it is at least another 10 minutes drive on a road that leads you along the Barranco del Roque and a real climb up to reach the Faro de La Entallada. At the lighthouse, a viewpoint has been created that gives you an amazing view of the ocean, but is also a unique point to view the lighthouse from a distance. After taking beautiful pictures it is time to have lunch in Las Playitas. You drive back to the village and find a parking space for the car at the waterfront. On the boulevard you will find two local restaurants where you can eat well for not too much money or if you fancy a stroll you can walk to the beach where you will find a small restaurant called simply Beach Bar.

Faro de la Entallada - Fuerteventura

Faro de Punta Jandía

If you are satisfied with your lunch and have energy for another adventure, take the car to the southern peninsula. At Gran Tarajal, head towards Costa Calma on the FV-2 Motorway. You pass the popular seaside resort and drive on to the town of Morro Jable. From the road you can see Faro de Morro Jable and if you want you can park the car to make a stop to visit the lighthouse. You follow the road FV-2 all the way to the port of Morro Jable. From here you change onto the dirt road towards the tip of Jandia where you will find the eponymous lighthouse built in 1864. After the north coast you also dare to take this road. Jandia Natural Park is very rugged and has impressive rocky mountains. After a journey of many miles over bad roads and crossing goats you arrive at your destination. After a round around the lighthouse with your head in the wind, you realize how important this lighthouse is for ships and boats to prevent them from sailing against the rocks. Inside the museum you can learn more about sea life and wildlife on the peninsula. If you want, you can stop at Restaurante Punta de Jandia or El Caleton for a cup of coffee in the afternoon overlooking the sea.

El Faro de Diego

We can start the journey back north and we have one lighthouse left. At Morro Jable, take the FV-2 to drive to Puerto del Rosario via Costa Calma, Tarajalejo and Caleta de Fuste. When you enter the capital on the FV-2 you take the exit Hospital Los Pozos Las Granadas. At the end of the exit at the roundabout, turn right and drive straight forward to the city beach. Find a parking space for the car opposite the pier. If you walk up the pier and look to the left you can see industry in the distance where Faro de Punta Gavioto of Puerto del Rosario is located. Since you cannot visit this lighthouse, Puerto del Rosario offers a very nice alternative. Walk a few hundred meters down the boulevard to the cruise terminal. Cross the road at the gas station and walk a bit uphill. Here you will find El Faro de Diego, the lighthouse restaurant, where you can dine in a modern Spanish atmosphere after a long day trip.

Faro de la Entallada - Fuerteventura

We hope you enjoy this day trip! Check out our website for more itineraries and highlight to explore on the island of Fuerteventura.